About St Johns Walkies

Hello, my name is Chrissy, and I am the founder of St Johns Walkies. As a one-woman team, I take expert care to look after your dogs and take them on exciting adventures when you are unable to do so. With more than 7 years’ experience, I offer a range of group walks throughout the day with my reliable Dog Walking Services in St Johns Worcester. 

My Story

Both my husband and I are big dog lovers, and between us, we have always owned dogs throughout our lives. It's, therefore, no surprise that we also own three beautiful dogs and they are our pride and joy and bring so much happiness to our lives.

Once our little girl started pre-school, I decided to start up my own business combining my passion for dogs and my love of walking. Having carried out extensive research, St Johns Walkies was born in 2017. I have been DBS checked, have the appropriate insurance required for my business, and I am fully trained in Pet First Aid and have recently gained a diploma in Canine Communication.

I feel like I have the best job in the world! I often think to myself how wonderful it is that I am doing a job that is my passion in fact it is my Ikigai (Japanese for your lifes purpose) I get to spend my days giving the dogs the thing they love the most and that is getting their walk and watching those tails wagging with joy gives me so much pleasure - life doesn’t get much better than that, I will do this forever because there is nothing I would rather do!

I have built up a special bond with all the dogs that I walk. They are treated with devotion, love, and respect, everything that I would expect my own dogs to receive. Rest assured that all the dogs that come to me are cared for to the highest possible standard. I understand that each dog that comes to me is unique and they are treated accordingly, weather they are a senior dog that needs a slower paced walk or a lively dog that just loves to play, I will make sure your dogs needs are met.

I have recently invested in a new vehicle for St John’s Walkies which is a VW Transporter van, and the dogs are now travelling around St Johns in luxury!  My van is professionally fitted with large spacious crates with full separation areas, they are lined with soft Vet Bedding and noodle mats and each crate has been fitted with led lighting.  There is also an air vent for extra ventilation and air flows through from the front windows and through the open Bulk Head.
The separation areas give the dogs the confidence that they have their own space and makes them feel safe and secure. My van also provides the dogs with extra security and also helps to keep them cooler during the warmer months. Another bonus with the van is that the crates are low to the ground (the top crates are only used to store all my stuff!!) so when the dogs are getting in and out we are keeping those precious joints safe from injury.

My group dog walking service is specifically for the St Johns community, this ensures that any travel time for dogs is kept to a minimum and I maintain my reliability with the times stated to the client.

Just £11 for a one hour walk with plenty of fun

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